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Larimer County Justice Center

Larimer County Justice Center

Larimer County Bar Association (“LCBA”) was founded in 1910, and became a Not For Profit Organization in 1985. It serves as a professional association for lawyers in Larimer County, acting as the local extension of the Colorado Bar Association.

LCBA’s mission is to provide its members with opportunities to contribute to the betterment of the profession, the judiciary, and the community through LCBA-sponsored programs, events, and services. These have traditionally included such things as continuing legal education, college scholarships, pro bono services, and social activities. 

What We've Done in the Past Year

In February 2019, in partnership with the Weld County Bar Association, we sponsored and conducted the two-day Northern Colorado Regional High School Mock Trial Competition.  

In March 2019, the traditional Spring Term Day was hosted, which included a business meeting, a visit from the President of the Colorado Bar Association and a presentation by Supreme Court Justice Ben Coates, and a bowling competition. Election of Officers takes place at this meeting.

In April 2019, the Ethics Seminar was presented by the Ethics Committee.

In May 2019, Law Day was hosted by the Young Lawyers.  

Larimer County Senior Law Day was held in August, 2018. This conference brought together accomplished and respected professional to present informative seminars on legal and related topics such as Basic Estate Planning, Understanding Power of Attorneys, Medicare, Medicaid and Avoiding Fraud and Investment Scams.

On September 7, 2018, the traditional Fall Term Day was hosted, which included the business meeting in the morning, a golf tournament in the afternoon and dinner at the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery in the evening.  

Throughout the year, the LCBA's Pro-Bono Program meets with pro-bono clients each week both in Fort Collins and Loveland. In addition, the Pro-Bono Program hosts a domestic relations class each month where pro-bono clients obtain general domestic relations information and have their domestic relations questions answered.

The LCBA Veteran's Committee hosts a veteran's clinic each quarter.  

There are also bi-monthly gatherings between the Bench and the Bar in a social context.

The Young Lawyers meet every month on the third Wednesday of the each month, generally over the lunch hour. The Women's Bar meets quarterly. Throughout the year, the Women's Bar, the Young Lawyers and the LCBA host CLEs for membership. 

There is also a mentorship program that is offered for new lawyers coming into the community.  

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