Professionalism Committee


The LCBA Professionalism Committee is a group of attorneys who provide opportunities to grow in our professionalism and to honor those who have demonstrated professionalism throughout their career. The Committee meets routinely to assist in furthering the ethical opinions of the Colorado Supreme Court and to find speakers for two ethical CLE's.  Click here for a list of the current members of the LCBA Professionalism Committee.

Contact: Jennifer L. Rice, Chair
Rice Law Office
19 Old Town Square, Suite 238
Fort Collins, CO  80524
(970) 494-1700

The Committee hosts two Ethics Seminars a year; please visit our Events Calendar for more information.

How, then, may we exhibit attorney professionalism?

• By exemplary ethical conduct: aspiring to fulfill the spirit, not just the requirements of the Code of Professional Responsibility/Rules of Model Conduct

• By remaining competent: taking advantage of continuing legal education; keeping abreast of the latest developments in our areas of expertise; mentoring younger attorneys

• By showing good judgment: providing good client service by formulating discerning opinions and advice based upon knowledge and experience

• By acting with integrity: exhibiting soundness of character, fidelity and honesty

• By demonstrating civility: behaving with courtesy and respect.

Professionalism Award

The Committee bestows a Professionalism Award on a Larimer County Attorney each year. The award is presented to an attorney whom the Executive Committee selects as exemplifying adherence to high standards of ethics and professionalism. Candidates will be considered for recommendation on the following standards:

• Must be a member of the Larimer County Bar Association for not less than five years

• Demonstrated positive involvement in the legal profession

• Courteous and prompt in conducting business

• Adheres to the Principles of Professionalism in both attitude and actions

• Complies with the Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct including treating all individuals with respect and dignity regardless of their sex, race, national origin or sexual preference

• Performs pro bono public service by participating in improving the community or by providing legal services to clients of limited means without charge or in a manner that allows the client to participate in the legal process

• Committed to improving the profession when possible and to practicing law in a manner consistent with a commitment to providing quality legal services to the client 

• In representing a client and rendering advice considers not only the law but other considerations such as moral, economic, social and political factors relevant to the situation

Previous Winners of the Professionalism Award

2017 Randolph W. Starr
2016 Joan Woodbury
2015 Randy Williams
2014 Ian McCargar
2013 Lucia Liley
2012 Stephen J. Roy
2011 Richard S. Gast
2010 Celeste Holder Kling
2009 George H. Hass
2008 Donald E. Johnson, Jr.
2007 Clifford E. Riedel
2006 Magistrate John A. Jostad
2005 Lynn A. Hammond
2004 Robert W. Brandes, Jr.
2003 Leonard “Yank” Banowetz

2002 John P. Frey
2001 Roger E. Clark
2000 William H. Brown
1999 Ralph H. Coyte
1998 Ralph Harden
1997 Ward H. Fischer
1996 David L. Wood
1995 Nancy L. Wallace
1994 NONE
1993 F. Ray Degood
1992 Elery Wilmarth
1991 Arthur E. March, Jr.

To me, the essence of professionalism is a commitment to develop one’s skills to the fullest and to apply [them] responsibly to the problems at hand. Professionalism requires adherence to the highest ethical standards of conduct and a willingness to subordinate narrow self-interest in pursuit of the more fundamental goal of public service. Because of the tremendous power they wield in our system, lawyers must never forget that their duty to serve their clients fairly and skillfully takes priority over the personal accumulation of wealth. At the same time, lawyers must temper bold advocacy for their clients with a sense of responsibility to the larger legal system which strives, however imperfectly, to provide justice for all.
— U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor